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Certain makeup Technology Co., Ltd. since its inception, the United States as the Shang, is committed to the development of certain cosmetics, production, promotion, and actively explore the cosmetics brand development road. After a dozen years of Lanting Pavilion, groundless talk, step-by-step development, now has a "Lanting Pavilion", "Sakura of show" and "beautiful silk road", "hero", "Toppings" five brand, sold at home and abroad. Lanting Pavilion products become a favourite tale in the dealer, China cosmetics industry spirit Lanting has grown into a dazzling star. Lanting Pavilion has a strong financial and technical strength, and rich experience in production and sales of cosmetics, Lanting Pavilion technology in China has been formed in the capital city and major economic city effective nationwide sales network nodes, including various types of supermarket, department store counters, KA market, cosmetics stores, retail stores champs beauty homes, upscale boutiques, pharmacies and other related fields all the beauty. At present, the official opening of the latest sales channels Taobao mall flagship store: http://ilantern.taobao.com. At present, the Lanting Pavilion cosmetics has successfully landed on the U.S. and Canada, Britain, France, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and other countries, now with HBC, The Bay, TJ Max, Check Chese, Dollar Ramer, e US Dollor Without More and other dozens of large well-known international business group concluded a trade partnership. HBC is a commercial group operating high-grade commodities Canada's top and only, there are shopping malls in each city in Canada, now operating the Lanting Pavilion Golden Rose series of cosmetics; TJ Max is an American supermarket chain in the United States has thousands of stores, Lanting Pavilion Herbal Series is very popular in TJ Max; Check e Chese is the United States engaged in children's birthday party club chain, Lanting Pavilion children as the main color cosmetics Check e Chese 'birthday gift to millions of export products sold in the United States each year.
Counter, Shenzhen Dongmen Maoye Lanting Pavilion shop has emerged monthly sales reached 400 thousand. The performance of the store, Weihai rum record for a month to 800 thousand yuan. The brilliant shop, Shanxi in the spring of 2010 orders will record a $about 15000000 cash payment orders will be recorded. In addition, the Lanting Pavilion and the "salon", "Ruili", "cosmetics newspaper", "China cosmetics weekly" Lady "," other print media cooperation, Lanting Pavilion brand promotion inject fresh energy, enhance the brand influence of Lanting Pavilion. The Lanting Pavilion terminal technology through wave after wave of promotion, such as: "herbal garden, golden skin, carnival, battle of Lanting Pavilion, the greatest woman I care" theme activities, improve the overall image of the ground terminal of Lanting Pavilion, to enhance the market sales by agents and terminal personnel alike.