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Certain makeup Technology Co., Ltd. since its inception, the United States as the Shang, is committed to the development of certain cosmetics, production, promotion, and actively explore the cosmetics brand development road. After a dozen years of Lanting Pavilion, groundless talk, step-by-step development, now has a "Lanting Pavilion", "Sakura of show" and "beautiful silk road", "hero", "Toppings" five brand, sold at home and abroad. Lanting Pavilion products become a favourite tale in the dealer, China cosmetics industry spirit Lanting has grown into a dazzling star. Lanting Pavilion has a strong financial and technical strength, and rich experience in production and sales of cosmetics, Lanting Pavilion technology in China has been formed in the capital city and major economic city effective nationwide sales network nodes, including various types of supermarket, department store counters, KA market, cosmetics stores, retail stores champs beauty homes, upscale boutiques, pharmacies and other related fields all the beauty. At present, the official opening of the latest sales channels Taobao mall flagship store: h... 【more】


I can give you the beauty you want


I can give you the beauty you want

  • Tom Miss
    Tom Miss

    World famous beauty experts, star stylist, fashion reds.Gold medal of the world top make-up stylist, the 2016 most popular beauty makeup industry attention, simple, fun, creative, happy heart, is her most distinctive traits, she is the bride Heart funny character makeup skills, but also their friends and bestie, she can let them shine, happy joy in the wedding, let the bride "light makeup battle" happy wedding at your fingertips.

  • Miss Zhang
    Miss Zhang

    Famous Asian beauty experts, star stylist, fashion reds.The first Korean MBC television invited to record MBC every1 MBC Drama, MBC channel, Queen channel oversowing famous beauty program "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAYS", by the program with South Korea "little Choi Jiwoo" said the famous actor Su Yixian chaired. Beauty world "health whitening ambassador" was signed as a first international well-known brands of domestic oral care; the first star stylist on beauty presenter stage; for many fashion magazines to create cover star and longtime i...

  • Jia Ling Li
    Jia Ling Li

    Famous Asian beauty experts, star stylist, fashion reds.At present, few domestic and international famous stylist; famous overseas companies contracted stylist; once held a fashion show stylist; Chinese successive model contest judges, the total image designer; he worked in the Italy Venice Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Czech Film Festival, kalau mana the New York Film Festival, the world famous film festival completed his work. For many internationally renowned artists for image design, the previous model contest judges, chief...


I can give you the beauty you want

  • Ruby Lin
    Ruby Lin

    Modeling class 15 class 02 studentsTHE FASHION contestStyling group first"The Daming Palace" 3D movie as makeup;DORIAN HO he Guozheng 2010 ~ 2011 wint...

  • Yang Mi
    Yang Mi

    Modeling class 15 class 02 studentsTHE FASHION contestStyling group firstXingzi, Asian image fashion figures, Asian art, personal makeup after small c...

  • Maggie Cheung
    Maggie Cheung

    Modeling class 15 class 03 studentsTHE FASHION contestStyling group firstIn 2007, Henan province's first children's talent TV competition make-up styl...

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